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Boost your skin with the NEW Skin Supplements

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optiphi has really reinforced their fight for better skin with the addition of their new Skin Supplements in-salon product range. These professional and highly concentrated solutions have been specifically formulated to enhance and prolong professional optiphi® treatment outcomes.

 The optiphi® Skin Supplements are divided into 2 categories:

  1. Essential Skin Supplements (3 options) to be incorporated into the current optiphi Classic Indulgent and Skin Rejuvenation Treatments and may be combined with standard skin treatments and 8procedures.
  1. Advanced Skin Supplements (4 options) are innovatively designed to be integrated into progressive treatments such as micro-needling, light and laser therapies and advanced peels.

Each individual Skin Supplement boasts targeted active ingredients formulated to synergistically treat a specific concern on the skin and scalp:

 Essential Skin Supplements:

 Fractionated HA

Hosting a blend of 3 different fractions (sizes) of hyaluronic acid. The high fraction HA (larger size) aims to hydrate and soothe, while the middle fraction (medium size) plumps and improves wrinkling over 6 hours. The lower fraction (smallest size) targets the repair, recovery and reduction of redness. The Fractionated HA Skin Supplement is ideal for skins prone to breakouts and spots or as a booster treatment for aging skin.

 Gallic Acid

A unique combination of gallic acid and niacinamide (Vit B5), in high concentrations, aim to address discolouration concerns. This Skin Supplement encourages the inhibition of the skin's pigment-producing processes, and in turn calms the skin by reducing the activation of pigment formation and redness. The Gallic Acid Skin Supplement provides great support for all skin discolouration and pigmentation concerns.

 Vitamin B Complex

Designed with an intelligent blend of 10% Vitamin B3 to assist in barrier recovery, improve even skin tone, contribute to stimulating collagen production; and 5% Vitamin B5 to soothe, hydrate and support wound healing properties of the skin. The Vitamin B Complex Skin Supplement is great to encourage the improvement of barrier-impaired skin, as well as skin breakouts and spots.


Advanced Skin Supplements:

 Vitamin C

A 30% Vitamin C solution, with added vitamin E. The Vitamin C in the Skin Supplement acts as a powerful antioxidant and help rescue skin in stress, smoker's skin, or skin with sun or photodamage. The Vitamin C also encourages collagen building which complements collagen induction therapies such as micro-needling perfectly. It also encourages an improvement of skin brightness. The Vitamin C Skin supplement is ideal to assist photoaging, general aging and dull skin.

 5% Retinol Complex

An ingenious 5% Retinol Complex system with added Vitamin E. This powerful complex supports the improvement of breakouts and spots, reduction of wrinkles by aiding the stimulation of collagen, and promotes cellular turnover. The Retinol Complex Skin Supplement is perfect to enhance the improvement of aging, rough skin texture and sebum control.


Scar Peptides

The clever combination of Liposomal coenzyme Q10 & Carnitine aims to activate repair mechanisms and energize the skin. Green Bean Extract & an intense blend of peptides targets the stimulation of dermal restructuring. Brilliant for improving the appearance of stretch marks, scars as well as scarring caused by spots and severe breakouts (Post Inflammatory Hyper-pigmentation - PIH)


Hair Growth Complex

A patented peptide and active ingredient blend supports the stimulation of hair growth in the follicle, as well as encouraging the reactivation of follicle stem cells. This supplement also includes Liposomal coenzyme Q10 & Carnitine to activate repair mechanisms and energize the scalp, assisting in the stimulation of healthy hair growth.


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