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Skincare as unique as your genetics

Posted by Delia Greeff on

Skincare as unique as your genetics

At optiphi® we not only care about your skin’s external vitality, but also the genetic aspects involved in determining your genetic predisposition to skin aging and other skin characteristics. By using our unique patented MSC skin code, our skin care professionals are able to recommend products based on your very own genetics!

What we see on our skin is a reflection of both extrinsic and intrinsic factors which together determines your skins status quo (i.e. the current status of your skin). Extrinsic factors are all the factors affecting your skin externally such as the environment, UV rays and stress. Intrinsic factors are internal factors such as your genetics which predetermines the condition of your skin.

The optiphi® Helix Skin Test is a great way to understand your genes and which areas of your genetic make-up might be contributing to accelerated aging of your skin. Every person’s genes are unique; thus, it makes sense to include a personalized skin test to consider several aspects that may attribute to the condition of your skin. The optiphi® Helix Skin Test scores your skin according to the following essential skin categories:

  • Wrinkles, volume loss and sagging
  • Sensitivity and redness
  • Pigmentation
  • Dryness and dehydration

An intrinsic WSPD skin score is generated based on the impact that each detected genetic variation has on the four skin categories. The higher the score, the higher your genetic predisposition for a certain skin category contributing to your skin’s aging. A status quo WSPD score can be determined by your skin care professional to evaluate the current status of your skin. The combination of the intrinsic and status quo score allows your skin care professional to accurately determine which combination of skin products are most suited to improve the condition of your skin. 

What makes our unique WSPD scoring system so great is that it is perfectly matched to optiphi® products. Each product has its own WSPD code to match the area it targets most. Skin care professionals can then combine your unique intrinsic and status quo WSPD score with the WSPD score shown on the optiphi® skincare range to recommend products uniquely suited to your skin.

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