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Skincare as unique as your genetics

Posted by Delia Greeff on

Skincare as unique as your genetics

At optiphi® we not only care about your skin’s external vitality, but also the genetic aspects involved in determining your genetic predisposition to skin aging and other skin characteristics. By using our unique patented MSC skin code, our skin care professionals are able to recommend products based on your very own genetics!

What we see on our skin is a reflection of both extrinsic and intrinsic factors which together determines your skins status quo (i.e. the current status of your skin). Extrinsic factors are all the factors affecting your skin externally such as the environment, UV rays and stress. Intrinsic factors are internal factors such as your genetics which predetermines the condition of your skin.

The optiphi® Helix Skin Test is a great way to understand your genes and which areas of your genetic make-up might be contributing to accelerated aging of your skin. Every person’s genes are unique; thus, it makes sense to include a personalized skin test to consider several aspects that may attribute to the condition of your skin. The optiphi® Helix Skin Test scores your skin according to the following essential skin categories:

  • Wrinkles, volume loss and sagging
  • Sensitivity and redness
  • Pigmentation
  • Dryness and dehydration

An intrinsic WSPD skin score is generated based on the impact that each detected genetic variation has on the four skin categories. The higher the score, the higher your genetic predisposition for a certain skin category contributing to your skin’s aging. A status quo WSPD score can be determined by your skin care professional to evaluate the current status of your skin. The combination of the intrinsic and status quo score allows your skin care professional to accurately determine which combination of skin products are most suited to improve the condition of your skin. 

What makes our unique WSPD scoring system so great is that it is perfectly matched to optiphi® products. Each product has its own WSPD code to match the area it targets most. Skin care professionals can then combine your unique intrinsic and status quo WSPD score with the WSPD score shown on the optiphi® skincare range to recommend products uniquely suited to your skin.

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A scientific approach to shaving

Posted by Delia Greeff on

optiphi® Shaving System

Did you know that most shaving related skin concerns are not caused by the razor but are the result of inadequate skin preparation and post shave care? 

optiphi® formulated a two-step, easy and convenient system, to incorporate into your daily shaving routine to improve the shaving experience and reduce trauma to the skin during a shave.  To fit into our fast-paced lives, the two-step system can alternatively be used as a cleanser and moisturizer as a daily skincare regime.

 Trauma associated with poor shaving techniques, inferior products and lack of regular skin care conspire to diminishing the skin barrier, which creates a further challenge to skin health.’ Head of Formulations, optiphi® Research & Development

Skin issues associated with poor hair removal approaches are common and include, irritation, razor burn, even nicks and cuts from grooming as well as trapped or ingrown hairs.

The two-step system specifically targets the skin issues by focussing on shaving in the following ways:

1.      Pre-Shave preparation

2.      Post-shave treatment

The first consideration in pre-shave preparation is to reduce the hair cutting force required, which directly translates in improved shaving comfort. The force required to cut a hair decreases dramatically as hydration increases. The second consideration is exfoliation, to prepare the skin and hair for the shave, creating a smooth shaving surface.


The post-shave focus addresses skin hydration to target razor traumatized skin, while emollients concentrate on protection and lubrication, leaving the skin smooth and soft to minimize razor-related skin problems. Barrier restoration is another key focus after the process of shaving is completed.



CLEANSE+SHAVE – 150ml – Improved shaving comfort

A viscous foaming gel, that may be used as a daily cleanser and shaving medium, containing a blend of humectants, to provide a protective anti‐friction layer.  The clever formulation improves razor glide for a smoother, more comfortable shaving experience and assists in locking moisture in the hair.


  • Cleansing and exfoliating aids in the removal of sebum and residues that may interfere with shaving
  • Antimicrobial and calming properties
  • Hydration of the hair which softens the hair
  • Release of trapped hairs
  • Reduce the incidence of nicks and cuts
  • Reduction of friction between the blade system and skin surface


Dispense a small amount onto the fingertips and lather onto a wet skin.  Shave as per usual, or use daily as a cleanser.


POST SHAVE – 50ml - Soothing Skin Protection

The post shave serum can either be used as a soothing and protecting medium after shaving, or as a daily oil-free moisturiser. It is a fast absorbing, easy to spread gel-serum for all day hydration, designed to deliver moisture, barrier building properties, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and peptides to limit redness, irritation, excess heat and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.


  • Assists the alleviation of redness, burning and swelling
  • Strengthens the skin's natural defences to tolerate stress better
  • Soothes irritated and damaged skin
  • Targets restoration and maintenance of barrier function


Dispense 1 pump onto fingertips and apply to the shaven area or onto entire face, morning and evening. Once applied to the face after shaving, a slight tingling sensation may be experienced for up to 5 seconds in impaired barrier skins.  With continual use, the condition of the skin will improve, and the sensitivity will subside.  A daily application of SPF is recommended.

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optiphi®'s innovative Retinol Technology

Posted by Delia Greeff on

optiphi® Retinol Innovation

As optiphi® strives to remain at the forefront of skincare technology, we are proud to announce a revolutionary active ingredient innovation driven by our research and development team.

optiphi® 's Time Controlled Diffusion Technology was designed to improve and prolong the quality of carefully selected active ingredients within the optiphi® skincare formulations.

The retinol is protected within a highly cross-linked polymeric sphere with a continuous porous network. This innovative protective sphere safeguards the retinol within the product which is then further protected by optiphi®’s airless and lightless packaging.

The porous network of the sphere allows the retinol to be continuously delivered directly onto the skin where it is then transported to the deeper dermis layer by means of diffusion, targeting the skin structures responsible for the visible signs of aging.

The Time-Controlled Diffusion Retinol has proven the following benefits:

A controlled slow release of retinol allows the skin to absorb the retinol slowly and so reduces the irritation often associated with introducing retinol to the skin.

Once the retinol has been delivered to the skin, the porous spheres remain on the skin, providing an additional barrier, so there is no concern for transdermal delivery as the protective sphere remains on the skin.

Retinol is renowned to be a difficult active to formulate with; however with optiphi® ’s unique Time-Controlled Diffusion Technology, the retinol is protected and will remain active within the airless and lightless packaging, ensuring that your last pump is as good as the first.

Clinical tests have indicated that the retinol has produced a significant reduction in skin irritation; fine lines; skin roughness and hyperpigmentation.

The Time Controlled Diffusion Retinol will be included in all the optiphi® retinol-containing products. The lighter colour of the product is an effect of the new protected retinol. By the virtue of the sustained release of actives, this technology assures to deliver greater results than you have already come to expect from the optiphi® skincare ranges.

optiphi Retinol Time Control Diffusion Technology

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Travel-friendly Refine Foliant - Improved recyclable packaging

Posted by Delia Greeff on

Who wouldn’t want the benefits of a potent chemical exfoliant in the comfort of your own home?
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Dermintense Active Gel has won a Men's Health Grooming Award!

Posted by Delia Greeff on

We are so proud to share that our Dermintense Active Gel has won a Men's Health Grooming Award!

The Dermintense Active Gel is a retinol-free gel, yet offers all the advantages of retinol to help combat 7 signs of aging.

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