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Helix Skin Test
Helix Skin Test

Helix Skin Test

If your DNA is what makes you unique, what would be better than to base your skincare regime, diet and lifestyle behaviours on your individual genetic needs? 

The optiphi DNA Skin Test report allows you to fully understand your skin and where it's likely to be heading in the future, so you can plan for it. The results of the DNA Skin Test give you the knowledge and power to target these internal skin concerns, in combination to the external factors contributing to skin imperfections and aging, allowing you to select the ideal skincare products and professional skin treatments to greatly improve your skin's future.

The following key areas are considered in the DNA Skin test:

Oxidative stress
Wrinkles, volume loss and glycation
Dermal sensitivity and detoxification
Inflammation of the skin
DNA protection and repair
Pigmentation and sun sensitivity

 The process is easy:

Your DNA sample is collected by means of a non-invasive cheek swab, using a cotton bud. No needles and no discomfort.

Your DNA sample and completed consent form are delivered to the laboratory for gene variation analysis and your unique genetic skin reports are compiled.

 For additional information you may also contact the lab at DNAlab@optiphi.com


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