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Face Mask for Hearing Impaired
Face Mask for Hearing Impaired
R 70.00

Face Mask for Hearing Impaired

A mask for the hearing impaired that allows you to see the mouth.

During the Covid-19 Corona Virus pandemic, our Health Minister Zweli Mkhize recommends us all to wear reusable cotton masks when in public spaces, like shopping for essentials or visiting the doctor. 

optiphi mask details:

Double layered mask with an interior lining of poly cotton with a clear plastic portion over the mouth area to make the mouth visible for the hearing impaired. 

Ties behind the head to avoid pressure behind the ears

Covers from the nose to below the chin and up to the ears

Hand-wash only

Mask: 10cm x 20cm

Clear Plastic Mouth Area: 8cm x 9cm 

Colour: Black