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Helix Hormone Test

Helix Hormone Test

Decoding your hormone metabolism

At optiphi® we believe in a holistic approach to good health by increasing one's perception of intrinsic contributing factors. Intrinsic analysis of your DNA provides a roadmap on how to design your diet, supplement, lifestyle, and exercise regimens. DNA analysis takes the guesswork out of what is optimal for you. All of these factors are inherently linked, and all need to be considered when looking at improving your overall health.

 This optiphi®™Helix Hormone Test identifies unique genetic markers that indicate your genetic predisposition to certain risks which could affect your hormone balance. These unique markers are known as single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) that occur in your genetic code.

These variations may affect the expression or function of certain genes making you more susceptible to certain conditions or characteristics.
Your genetic results are divided into four sections:
Steroid hormone metabolism,
Methylation and endocrine function,
Xenobiotic metabolism
Thyroid function.
Each section will show the genes that were investigated and your unique genotype. Additionally, each section will also have an illustrative description of the possible impact your genes might have on the specific pathways involved, and how these may impact your hormone levels. Lastly, recommendations are given to improve hormone balance and lower the impact of detected genotypes.