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Helix Health & Diet Test
Helix Health & Diet Test

Helix Health & Diet Test

If your DNA is what makes you unique, what would be better than to base your skincare regime, diet and lifestyle behaviours on your individual genetic needs? 

The optiphi Helix Health Report offers exclusive insight into genetic variations which have been associated with various health risks and concerns. Information obtained from this test will enable you to adjust your diet, supplement and lifestyle behaviours to minimize these health risks in the long term.

The optiphi Helix Diet Report offers a unique approach to understanding the nutritional needs of your body, as well as the role genetics play in your response to physical exercise. Major dietary considerations (for example low-carb versus low-fat) can be individually validated through this test as well as sensitivities to certain foods. Additionally, the amount of exercise you should be getting and how you may respond to exercise is also investigated.

The following key areas are considered in the DNA Health + Diet test

Health Test:

Oxidative stress
Insulin Sensitivity
Bone Health
Lipid metabolism
Iron Overload


 Diet Test:

Carbohydrate sensitivity
Fat storage and sensitivity
Metabolism and nutrients
Risk for obesity
Regulation of Energy 

The process is easy:

Your DNA sample is collected by means of a non-invasive cheek swab, using a cotton bud. No needles and no discomfort.

Your DNA sample and completed consent form are delivered to the laboratory for gene variation analysis and your unique genetic health or diet reports are compiled.

 For additional information you may also contact the lab at DNAlab@optiphi.com