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Stretchmark Therapy

Body Curve Stretchmark Therapy - 75ml

Dynamic Stretchmark Corrector


Product Description


The optiphi® Stretchmark Therapy will address and correct stretchmarks caused by the tearing of dermal skin layers. This product will strengthen skin structure and improve skin cohesion, resulting in a visible difference to unsightly lines due to torn dermal and epidermal skin structures.
optiphi® Stretchmark Therapy will treat existing stretchmarks by increasing skin elasticity and firmness - increasing cell activity whilst repairing and restoring skin for a refined silhouette.  

Benefits of using optiphi® Stretchmark Therapy include:
∙ Cellular restructuring

∙ Improves skin endurance

∙ Recovers skin elasticity and firmness

∙ Improves skin firmness and restructuring

∙ Cell activity booster

A complex blend of active ingredients is used within the optiphi® Stretchmark Therapy to ensure optimal cellular repair and functioning, these include:

∙ Reduce hyperpigmentation whilst restoring photo-damage

∙ Improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and increases telomerase activity

Vitamin E: 

∙ Improves barrier function whilst fighting free radical attach.  

∙ Anti-inflammatory reaction in skin


∙ Recovers blood flow in skin and restores skin surface temperature, whilst improving skin tone, colour and 

Glycolic Acid: 

∙ Assists with chemical exfoliating properties, ensuring the barrier function stays intact and optimal hydration is   maintained in the skin.

Vitamin B3: 

∙ Delays cellular senescence

∙ Decreases melanin transfer between melanocyte and keratinocyte, reducing hyperpigmentation

∙ Stimulates fibroblast for collagen synthesis

∙ Increases ceramide and fatty acid production to re-instate barrier function of skin

Vitamin C: 

∙ Suppresses skin damage caused by UV radiation

∙ Inhibits the synthesis of melanin, thus preventing hyperpigmentation 

∙ Improves skin brightness, tone and appearance of wrinkles.

∙ Promotes collagen synthesis to build the dermal skin structure.

Directions for use: Dispense a sufficient amount of the Stretchmark Therapy into the palm of your hands and apply it to the affected areas in a circular motion. Areas can include any area on the body that you feel needs attention.  Allow the gel to absorb fully into the skin before you dress. To ensure the optimal benefit of this product, product use is recommended after bathing or showering ®twice daily .  Ideal to be used with the optiphi Body-Foliant.
Please Note: You may experience slight tingling in the area of application, this is as a result of the activation of cellular processes – the tingling will subside within an hour.



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