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Solar-Shield SPF50 Sunscreen

Body Curve Body Solar Shield SPF50 Sunscreen - 100ml

Body-Active Solar Defence


Product Description


The optiphi® Solar Shield SPF 50 is a light, fast absorbing broad UV filter, best formulated for your active lifestyle. Curb the numerous acute effects of UV rays on the skin such as redness and photo-aging. Our Solar Shield is the body’s  defence, to allow you to enjoy the sunshine.

Benefits of using optiphi Solar Shield SPF 50 include:

∙ Rescue of UV damaged cells

∙ Skin calming agent

∙ Minimizes the signs of photo-aging

∙ Provides high UV protection against UVA and UVB radiation

The 3 main active ingredients used in the formulation of the Solar Shield SPF 50, with its functions as listed below:

∙ Increases cell viability

∙ Protects enzymes from inactivation 

∙ Protects human fibroblasts against oxidative stress

∙ Is a powerful antioxidant with excellent long term stability

∙ Protects cellular DNA from ROS oxidation, induced by UVA radiation

∙ Internal photo-protection against UV light by inhibition of ROS production

∙ Protection of lipid structures ∙ Prevents skin from photo aging and/or premature aging 

∙ Most effective ingredient to protect the skin against oxidative stress


∙ Strong Antioxidant for enhanced protection

∙ Prevents the onset of photo-ageing

∙ Promotes repair of DNA cellular damage

∙ Inhibits the formation of carbonyl proteins

∙ Protects cells from UVA-Induced DNA damage

∙ Minimizes the effects of the natural and environmental ageing factors

Thermus Thermophillus Ferment: 

∙ Stimulates hyaluronic acid synthesis which improves skin hydration

∙ Improves matrix and dermal-epidermal junction, which improves skin strength

∙ Improves skin texture ∙ Has an anti-ageing and anti-sagging effect on the skin.

Directions for use: Apply evenly to the entire area, 20 minutes before sun exposure. Reapply frequently, as required, as well as after heavy perspiration, towel drying, swimming or other physical activities.

Important to remember: For external use only, if ingested seek medical attention. Avoid contact with eyes, in case of contact, flush eyes with water and seek medical attention. Do not use on broken skin or wounds. In case of irritation to skin, wash off immediately and discontinue use. If rash persists seek medical attention. Even when using Solar Shield SPF 50 excessive exposure to solar radiation is not recommended. Keep out of the reach of children and infants.



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