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Our skin story


Origins in bio-engineering & wound care
The Southern Group, a multi-faceted company specialising in disciplines of heart valve replacements, dental implants, spinal implants, burn wound dressings and temporary skin substitutes, raised the question: what is the ultimate product to use on your skin? Thus optiphi® was created.

optiphi® aims to restore your skin.

The skin is constantly exposed to harmful environmental and genetic factors. External factors include UV radiation, climatic conditions, free radicals and stress. They affect the wellbeing of our skin and eventually result in the visible signs of aging.
optiphi® can effectively target the factors that contribute to aging. Our products improve the skin’s appearance by replenishing age related losses – resulting in a rejuvenated and improved skin.


Our core philosophy is Positive Homeostatic Influence (PHI)
Homeostasis is the internal housekeeping process constantly performed by a cell. The aim is to boost this process, which will help the skin regain its natural balance, improving its vitality and allowing essential cellular processes to be revitalized. We have a strong anti-inflammatory focus, since inflammation indirectly causes signs of aging.

optiphi® is a product range engineered to create Optimal Positive Homeostatic Influence.


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