Revitalize your skin with the OPTIPHI® Advanced Age-Defying Classic Treatment. Boasting a full complement of skin stimulating actives, it encourages optimal skin health and vitality. Its efficacy is further enhanced as the actives continue to penetrate your skin post treatment.

How it works

Formulated to work in 4 phases of skin rejuvenation, this illuminating mask works to:

  1. Eliminate fine lines and wrinkles leaving a smooth textured skin
  2. Boost the dynamic effect by thermo-actively raising skin temperature
  3. Cool and energize skin for increased illumination and cell rejuvenation
  4. Restore moisture on a cellular level by means of osmotic hydration

Why it works

This sensory treatment utilizes advanced gerontology principles to optimize skin cell function for definitive skin illumination, skin vitality and re-energized skin cells.

Achieving beautiful, younger-looking skin is easy with OPTIPHI®. Designed to suit your unique skin needs, OPTIPHI® is the perfect solution for healthy, balanced, refined and radiant-looking skin. Choosing the right technology for your skin will ensure ultimate skin rejuvenation results.

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