Wondering how to prolong the effect of your facial aesthetic procedure ? Look no further than the OPTIPHI® Post-Tox Infinity Serum.

This effective serum is formulated to complement your facial aesthetic treatment by improving and prolonging aesthetic results. By inhibiting the muscle activity associated with the formation of expression lines, the OPTIPHI® Post-Tox Infinity Serum works to give your new skin tone longevity and support.

The OPTIPHI® Post-Tox Infinity Serum's action is further enhanced by actives that stimulate anti-ageing mechanisms on a cellular level. A pinnacle function is to help smooth existing wrinkles and reduce the formation of new expression lines.

The OPTIPHI® Post-Tox Infinity Serum has been proven to:

§  Restore facial volume

§  Promote cellular health

§  Help maintain the anti-wrinkle effect

§  Reshapes facial contour

§  Promote increased skin density

§  Decrease the depth of expression lines

§  Improve cell stability

§  Extend cell lifespan

Formulated for post procedure application, the OPTIPHI® Post-Tox Infinity Serum can be applied to the following areas:

§  Smoker's lines and nasolabial folds

§  Forehead and frown lines

§  Crow’s feet around the eye area

§  Brow lift zone

§  Chin and jawline

§  Neck area

There is no better feeling than having beautiful, younger-looking skin ! OPTIPHI® is designed to suit your unique skin needs, and is the perfect solution to healthier, more balanced, refined and radiant skin. Extend the life of your skin aesthetic procedure with this potent serum and never look back.

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