For many years I have been fascinated with the fight against ageing. One thing is for certain, the process cannot be halted entirely .Aging has two possible outcomes - one ages gracefully and with style, but it does not happen without hard work and possibly good genes. Smoking, excessive drinking, poor diet and lack of proper skin care can result in an accelerated aging.

optiphi® has the best range of products and works well with my wound treating methods in the clinic.

As optiphi® has a balanced pH, a lot of patients have managed to move successfully from other facial products onto optiphi® without having reactions. Patients with skin problems have been able to use products from both the active and classic range.

Some of my favorite products include the Facial Cleanser as it is softon the skin and men can use it as a shaving medium. The Eyesigns Activegel is also a winner as it clears the puffiness around the eyes giving a fresh young, healthy look.

On top of my list is the Post Tox Infinity Serum as it works well as in adjunction to my botulinum toxin treatment which I use in my anti-aging clinic to extend the life of the aesthetic treatments and even for that little “tightness” without the needle as an alternative for those petrified of the needle.

The optiphi® Post-Tox Infinity Serum will sustain the muscle receptor unreceptive. This in turn extends the time where muscle responsiveness are abridged, and eventually lengthens aesthetic outcome. By inhibiting the muscle activity associated with the formation of expression lines, Post-Tox Infinity Serum's action is further enhanced by the active ingredients that stimulate anti-aging mechanisms on a cellular level. A pinnacle function is to help smooth out the existing wrinkles and reduce the formation of new expression lines. Restore facial volume and promote cellular health. Helps maintain the anti-wrinkle effect.

Protect The Canvas is beneficial as it has a sun block protection built into it. Skin is always attacked by exposure of sunlight, chemicals in the air, (especially in bigger cities), stress in life and in Namibia the dry climate.

Dr Günter Streit This may cause accelerated signs of ageing. Ensure the product you use has effective hydration therapy for the skin because a dry skin wrinkles easily. The superficial skin structure barrier needs to be favorable to allow the lower layers to physiologically be protected end exfoliate “atraumatically”.This helps with pigmentation, tone and texture to give a subtle soft and elastic young skin.

Positive Homeostatic Influence or PHI (balance) is the inner 'housekeeping' development constantly performed by a cell, tissue, organ or organism. Balances and creates a situation for best cellular tasking. To influence this process positively will help the skin cell recover its normal balance and improving its state of vigour .

What fascinates me about optiphi® is the academics that goes on in the product, the bio-engineering and biomedical background which is fundamental to this product. The skin is rejuvenated without interference to its natural processes, such as skin barrier function and acid mantle protection. optiphi® is designed to restore that which was lost, but also to avert further deleterious and damaging effects.

The optiphi® promotes true skin rejuvenation by using the most favorable concentrations of active ingredients, which perform jointly on a cellular level. PHI is the symbol for the Golden Ratio 1.618.  This ratio reflects the ultimate patterns in nature, linking aesthetics, science and beauty. optiphi® uses this in their research and production to construct a Positive Homeostatic Influence in a process of promoting homeostasis on a cellular level to ensure the best cellular performance. Phi is the fundamental bases of which we do our work here in my practice as with Golden Ratio with terms to the face and teeth.

Choosing the right technology for your skin will ensure ultimate skin rejuvenation results.

By Dr Günther Streit