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Cellulite Therapy

Body Curve Cellulite Therapy - 75ml

Active Cellulite Smoother


Product Description


The optiphi® Cellulite Therapy will effectively reduce the appearance of cellulite with a complete, multi-faceted approach. Our objective is to treat the underlying causes of cellulite on a cellular level - curbing the ill effects of trapped fluids and decelerated cellular function; to address existing cellulite by stimulating molecular mechanisms and increasing blood circulation. This quick absorbing gel creates a tightening film on the skin sealing in moisture, combating skin irritation and replenishing nutrients to the skin cells – equating in the holistic restructuring of cellular function. The end result being a visible improvement in unsightly dimples and skin unevenness, actively redefining your skin contours.

Benefits of using optiphi Cellulite Therapy include:
∙ Cellular restructuring and strengthening

∙ Cellular endurance and activity booster

∙ Assists in the toning of skin and improving skin texture

∙ Recovers skin elasticity and cellular reinforcement

∙ Re-defined silhouette – strengthening cellular wall structures, having a direct effect on your visible contour lines. ∙ Skin firming, lifting and restructuring

A complex blend of ingredients in the optiphi® Cellulite Therapy focuses on targeting and reversing cellulite at a cellular level, whilst combating signs of ageing.  These ingredients include:

∙ Improves epithelisation of skin, whilst improving fine lines and wrinkles  

∙ Increases telomerase activity in skin , helping to normalize the physiology of the epidermis. 

∙ Improves matrix protein synthesis   

∙ Anti-inflammatory reaction in skin, whilst increasing skin’s anti-oxidant capabilities.

Vitamin E:

∙ Improves skin rejuvenation  

∙ Restores photo-damaged skin

Peptide 7 & Hesperidin:

∙ Increases lymphatic flow and circulation, whilst improving lymphatic drainage   

∙ Restores elasticity and firmness   

∙ Increases the strength of capillary walls, reducing puffiness   

∙ Anti-inflammatory, reducing redness and irritation

Plankton Extract:  

∙ Builds cellular strength, by increasing cellular functioning and structure.


∙ Stimulates the skin to renew the extracellular matrix, whilst increasing collagen synthesis.   

∙ Increase production of glycosaminoglycan’s and hyaluronic acid in skin, improving dermal thickness.   

∙ Stimulates skin healing abilities and helps the skin to retain moisture.

Directions for use: Dispense a sufficient amount into the palms of your hands, and apply to the affected areas daily using circular, upward motions. Allow for complete penetration.  Follow with your prescribed optiphi® Curve Body Lotion.
For optimal benefits, use in conjunction with the optiphi   Body-Foliant and optiphi® Curve Body Lotion.
Please Note: You may experience slight tingling in the area of application, this is as a result of the activation of cellular processes – the tingling will subside within an hour.




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