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Body Curve Body Foliant - 200ml

Double Action Skin Revealing Exfoliant


Product Description


The optiphi® Body-Foliant is a dual-action refining chemical and enzymatic body exfoliant, that will leave your skin feeling sensually soft and looking radiant. Our dual-acid complex will exfoliate your skin, gently removing dead skin cells and calming your skin, whilst reinstating vital anti-oxidants. Your complete solution for a full body glow.

Benefits of using optiphi Body-Foliant include:
∙ Dual Exfoliation

- Enzymatic and chemical exfoliation

∙ Removal of dead skin cells and increased keratinization

∙ Improved cell turnover rate

∙ Improved complexion

∙ Reveals soft skin texture

∙ Improved barrier function

∙ Enhances skin moisture content 

A complex blend of active ingredients were chosen to ensure a three-dimensional approach to complete body exfoliation, these active ingredients include:
Glycolic Acid:

∙ Assists with chemical exfoliation, improving cellular proliferation whilst reducing inflammation.

∙ Stimulates the synthesis of fibroblast activity

∙ Restores photo-damaged skin

Lactic Acid:

∙ Improves and repairs the Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF)

∙ Increases ceramide strength in stratum corneum

∙ Brightens hyperpigmentation and suppressing of tyrosinase activity in skin cells

∙ Increases cellular rejuvenation and improves skin texture, tone and appearance

∙ Acts as a humectant and preserves moisture levels in the skin


∙ Enzymatic exfoliator, assisting with the breakdown of desmosome bonds holding dead skin cells together

∙ Increases cellular keratinization and improves overall cell turnover rate.

Directions for use: Apply product twice weekly to damp skin using circular motions. Leave on skin for 15-20 minutes, thereafter rinse thoroughly when showering or bathing. Avoid contact with eye-area. Once your skin is dry , follow with a hydrating body cream such as the optiphi Curve Body Lotion.
Due to chemical components and removal of superficial dead skin cells, ideally follow with optiphi Solar Shield SPF 50, for complete skin protection. Avoid contact with eye-area. Not suitable for use on the facial areas.


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