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ß-Body Wash

Body Curve ß-Body Wash - 250ml

Polishing Body Cleanser


Product Description


The optiphi b- Body Wash is an invigorating body cleanser which will leave your skin refined and you feeling refreshed. The delicate jasmine, white blossom and plum accents are the best way to enlighten your day.

Benefits of using optiphi b-Body Wash include:

∙  A complete skin cleanse

∙  Gentle chemical exfoliation

∙  Results in a more refined skin

∙  Promotes a youthful skin texture

Our carefully selected active ingredients have the following benefits:
Salicylic Acid:

∙ Increases cellular desquamation

∙ Strengthens the lipid-bilayer of the skin

∙ Normalizes sebaceous gland activity

∙ Improves cell turnover rate

∙ Loosens dead skin cell build up in follicles

∙ Improves breakouts by regulating the sebum production on the skin

∙ Has an Anti-Inflammatory action on the skin and reduces all forms of cellular inflammation

Directions for use: Dispense onto the palms of your hands or the PHI-Body Buffer, add water and massage over your body with gentle circular ®motions.  Rinse product off with water . Once towel dried, moisturize the skin with your favourite optiphi body product.  ®Ensure that you protect your skin daily with the optiphi Solar Shield SPF 50.


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